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Champs Pharmacy 

Champs Pharmacy does not compound any medication without a valid prescription from your physician.


The compounding pharmacists at Champs will work closely with you and your healthcare provider to formulate the most effective treatment based on your individual needs. You can count on our pharmacists to help monitor your treatment and help suggest any adjustments to your physician. If you are ready to get on the road to better health, contact us today at 210-614-1212 to begin your personalized care relationship with one of our knowledgeable and friendly pharmacists.

At Champs Pharmacy, we create customized therapies to combat a vast array of dermatological conditions, providing alternatives and unique advantages for the dermatology industry. We can compound capsules, topical treatments and injections to meet your specific needs. If you are experiencing difficulties with your current dosage form, we can work with your dermatologist to formulate a more convenient dosage just for you.  We can precisely compound medications into more cosmetically appealing topical creams or gels, custom-flavored oral suspensions which are easier for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills, and we also offer sterile injections. Compatible drugs and medications are able to be combined into a single dosage, increasing patient compliance. We provide an array of dermatological compounds for acne, warts, anti-aging creams, itching, moisturizing and many more! 

There is a wide array of dermatological treatment options available for the most common skin conditions. Depending on your diagnosis, it may be as simple as a topical medication applied for a short period of time. Some other common treatments for skin conditions are anti-biotics, anti-fungals, anti-virals, cortisteroids or a combination of these medications. 

If left untreated, these conditions may become worse. Sometimes it may just be irritating and unsightly while other times, it could be more severe. If left untreated, skin conditions may only spread to the surrounding tissue. However, if skin cancer is left untreated, it may spread throughout the body. If skin cancer is let caught early, treatments are usually effective at stopping the spread of the cancer. 

Gorgeous, healthy skin not only boosts confidence but also prevents many more health problems. Dermatologists​ may see patients for a wide variety of conditions ranging from anti-aging, acne, infections or other skin conditions. Annual visits to your dermatologist is the best way to take care of your skin and screen for skin cancer or other skin conditions such as growths or cysts.