At the San Antonio Medical Center

Champs Pharmacy 

Champs Pharmacy does not compound any medication without a valid prescription from your physician.

Compounding pharmacists play an important role in providing access to discontinued medications and drugs in short supply by compounding the specific drug -based on a physicians prescription. Our pharmacists fulfill each compounded prescription using the latest research, quality control processes and testing technologies. We use the highest quality pharmaceutical base ingredients to ensure the needs of each patient have been met. We are able to make additional adjustments in order for you to get the most out of your compounded prescription.

If you know of a medication that you believe may be beneficial, Champs pharmacy may be able to compound an equivalent version of the unavailable medication, with a prescription from your healthcare provider. 

(Note: We do not compound medications that have been pulled from the market due to health risks.) 

If you are looking for a discontinued medication, please give us a call at (210) 614-1212, we will make sure we can order the drugs needed to make a medication for you. Then, speak with your healthcare provider to get a prescription and our compounding pharmacists or technicians would be happy to prepare it for you. The compounding pharmacists at Champs pharmacy will work with your physician to formulate the most effective treatment based on your individual needs. You can rely on our pharmacists to help monitor your treatment and suggest any adjustments to your physician. Contact us today to begin your personalized care relationship with your Champs pharmacist. 

Some patients may find that a once beneficial medication has been discontinued or very hard to find. Medications may be commercially unavailable for a number of reasons. The most common is back ordered due to manufacturing problems. They may also be discontinued due to decreased usage or declining profits. Sometimes only certain dosage forms or specific combinations may become discontinued or unavailable. 

Discontinued Medications