At the San Antonio Medical Center

Champs Pharmacy 

Champs Pharmacy does not compound any medication without a valid prescription from your physician.

Many patients have tried multiple pain relief methods, to no avail and have given up hope for lasting pain relief. Others refuse to take pain medications for fear of unbearable side effects or addiction. At Champs, we offer multiple aides for your pain management needs. We will work closely with your physician to formulate a medication specific to your needs. we can make an alternative form if you are experiencing difficulties with your current form. We offer topical creams for on-the-spot pain relief with fewer side effects that are common with traditional commercially available treatments. In some cases, we can combine multiple medications into a single dose, making it more convenient and increasing compliance. We can create customized delivery forms such as flavored oral suspensions, suppositories, capsules and dissolvable troches. We can compound a medication to meet the needs of every patient young or old. If you are experiencing pain and have difficulties with your current dosage form or believe you may be more comfortable using an alternative method of administration, please give us a call today at (210) 614-1212 and speak with one of our pharmacists or staff members about the options available for you. 

Those living with pain on a daily basis, know how devastating and disruptive it can be. Some may be in sever pain which prevents them from working, while it only limits the daily activities of others. Pain can be caused by many different conditions and each patient will be affected differently. It is important to visit your physician and have him recommend the best course of pain management for your condition.

Pain Management 

It has been reported that billions of Americans live with chronic pain. There are numerous conditions that can cause pain, limiting movement and decreasing quality of life. Uncontrolled pain can have a profound effect on our quality of life. It can disrupt sleep, cause stress, anxiety, and depression. Getting pain under control helps provide enjoyment and peace especially to those who are living with life threatening conditions.