At the San Antonio Medical Center

Champs Pharmacy 

Champs Pharmacy does not compound any medications without a valid prescription from you physician.

​Podiatry serves a wide range of lower extremity conditions. We rely on our knees, ankles and feet for mobility. When you experience pain in any of these areas it begins to limit your level of activity and quality of life. At Champs Pharmacy we will work closely with you podiatrist to formulate a medication uniquely for your condition, to get you back on the road to a pain free life. 

Topical compounding allows the local delivery of medications directly to the problem area. Examples include the treatment of achilles tendonitis, arthritis, plantar faciitis, diabetic neuropathy, fungal issues, treatment of warts, wound treatment and acute injuries. A medication that is applied topically can reduce the side effects that come with many oral medications and also significantly decrease the risk of drug interactions. In addition to decreased adverse affects, topical medications are frequently accepted by patients who are taking multiple medications and/ or have a fear of needles. Multiple medications can be combined into one easy to use topical dosage to also decrease the number of medications taken orally on a daily basis. 

Champs Pharmacy specializes in customized pharmaceuticals for patients with challenging medical problems. We strive to provide you with the kind of care you deserve at the lowest cost possible.