At the San Antonio Medical Center

Champs Pharmacy 

Veterinary compounding is one of the fastest growing areas of pharmacy. Just like pet owners, animals are unique and have individual needs. Our compounding pharmacists can assist with formulating a medication for cats, dogs, exotic animals and large animals whose medication requirements may have not been met by commercially available medications. 

Animals can contract variations of some of the same diseases that affect humans such as rashes, eye and ear infections, cancer, heart and lung conditions ​and diabetes. Some human medications are approved for use in animals but are only commercially available in a few dosages.  The practice of veterinary compounding for veterinary patients allows us to customize medications to meet the needs of any size pet.

Sometimes pet owners find that a once beneficial medication is no longer available. We are able to make a variation of a discontinued medication or commercially unavailable medication, due to drug shortages. Compounding allows us to prepare a custom-made  medication to specifically meet the needs of the patient. We can formulate the needed strength, dosage form and flavor specific to the therapy requirements for each patient.

Veterinary compounded medications are uniquely suited to increase the compliance of its patients by providing flexibility in strengths and concentrations along with a variety of dosage forms such as custom flavored oral suspensions, topical preparations and, in some situations, we can combine more than one medication into a single dose form.